Q. Why couldn't we keep the golf course?

A. The owners hired National Golf Foundation to do a study on feasibility of keeping a golf course.  Their report showed that Riverside County has lower than national average on rounds played and golf demand. There are 11 courses in a 10 mile radius of the former Mountain View Golf Course; 24 in a 15' mile radius. The costs to operate an executive course (9 holes) are comparable to PGA sanctioned course and revenues would not sustain that model. To view highlights of the report, please click here.


Q. I live on the golf course. Will my views be affected?

A. We are designing a site plan and format with line-of-sight in mind. The natural topography of the valley combined with strategic placement of homes and single story layouts will maintain the aesthetic beauty of the landscape and mountain views.


Q. Will the existing residents pay to use the amenities that you're proposing?

A. No! New homes sales will pay for the initial amenities. The Trails at Corona will have a Homeowners Association that will collect fees only from the new homeowners to maintain the new landscaping, parks and other features.


Q. We appreciate keeping lots of open space. Can the trees be kept as well?

A. Each tree, especially the large palms, will be inspected and trees that can be preserved will be boxed and reused throughout the open spaces planned for the neighborhood.


Q. Commuter traffic is bad! Won't new homes add to the traffic?

A. More than 70% of the new homes will be restricted to 55+ owners - known as an Active Adult Community - to offset the likelihood of these new homeowners traveling during traditional commute hours. A traffic study will be part of the environmental impact review (EIR) process in the County and in the City and this report will guide our development. 

Q. Will I be forced to go on sewer line when the new houses add sewer hook ups?

A. No! A separate sewer line will be added for the new houses. Existing houses will not be required to connect to the system.


Q. Won't new homes bring in more students to our schools?

A. The majority of homes will be age-restricted homes Active Adult Community which will offset the likelihood of school-age children in the households.


Q. Will you include parks that all residents can use?

A. Yes! Open space will be preserved as parks and walking trails for all the neighbors to use. The new homes will have a Homeowners Association that will pay for the cost to maintain these public areas.


Q. Some of the new project will be on land in the City limits. Will the existing County residents be forced to annex to the City?

A.  No. The majority of the project is on land in the unincorporated part of the County with a smaller section in the city of Corona. The project is not related to annexation.

If you’re interested in seeing the new plans for The Trails at Corona, please email info@thetrailsatcorona.com for an invitation to a small group community meeting.


Si estás interesado en ver los nuevos planes para The Trails at Corona, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a info@thetrailsatcorona.com para una invitación a una reunión comunitaria de grupos pequeños.